Safe Low Limit


Ottawa based Safe Low Limit is a new jazz oriented group that consists entirely of instruments pitched in the bass clef. This exciting, eclectic band uses tuba, trombone, cello and drums to create a truly different musical experience and incorporates an equally eclectic variety of obscure standards, funk hits and original compositions in a wide variety of jazz and pop styles to leave the audience wondering what in the world will they do next!

Safe Low Limit’s tuba player, Dr. Keith Hartshorn-Walton, is a true virtuoso who is equally impressive  pumping out walking bass lines as he is playing be-bop heads or improvising.  Trombonist Steve Berndt uses electronic effects to enhance his sound and also provides vocals on a few songs.  Cellist Ken Kanwisher is a multi-instrumentalist who trades bass lines and solos with the band.  Drummer Michel Delage has an innovative style and has become a top call on the Ottawa jazz scene.

Join SLL for their first concert at La Nouveau Scene on October 13th!

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