Zayo by Esie Mensah Creation

Esie  Mensah is an award-winning and Dora nominated dancer, choreographer, and creative director who has worked with some of the industry’s biggest icons such as Rihanna, Drake, French Montana, Janelle  Monae, Nelly Furtado and more.

Esie  is committed to bringing a fresh new genre of dance into the industry. Afrofusion is her own unique style of dance that includes movements from traditional and contemporary African, Contemporary and Urban styles.

Beyond choreographing for dance performances, Esie has also worked with internationally recognized theatre companies as a movement director for Soulpepper Theatre, Shaw Festival, and Obsidian Theatre.

Her original creation, Zayo, has received top reviews from NOW Magazine and My Entertainment World and will be performed at Prismatic 2019.

ZAYO is a memoir of Esie Mensah and an ode to Africa with the exploration of Esie’s Afrofusion movement in a new, fresh and contemporary way.

In ZAYO, Ouhna arrives in the world of Nxi and has one directive: get to their destiny. Through a series of tests that will measure her mental, physical, and emotional strength, she must do what it takes to complete her quest, or the journey will consume her.

This piece uses movement and dance to showcase the obstacles and challenges  Esie has faced throughout her own artistic career. It is a piece that pays respect and gratitude towards her mentors who have helped guide her along her journey. In ZAYO, Esie Mensah creates an ethereal future world in this bold dance-theatre work about self-discovery, destiny, and personal strength.

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Esie Mensah – Choreographer & Dancer

Samson Brown - Production Stage Manager

Daniele Guevara - Lighting & Projection designer

Alexandra Lord – Costume Designer

Percy Anane-Dwumfour, Kwasi Obeng, Lauren Lyn, Daniel Gomez, Amanda Videla – Dancers